The Texas Compound is a 50 year real estate development project, commenced in 1984 when the developer was 24 years old and rescued his first old building.  He had for eight years been a summer camp counselor at Friday Mountain Camp, nearby, after five years as a camper and liked the area.  At that time, what became the 9000 block of Highway 290 was far out in the country from Austin. In the early 1980s, the absolute edge of town was the “Y” in Oak Hill.  This project would not have been possible without the assistance of many people along the way, most of whom will find their names written in “thank you notes” along the tops of various concrete curbs in different areas of the project.  Some, however, did not live long enough to see what came to pass, and all are gratefully remembered here nonetheless.


Thank you to:

Cliff Bandy, Broadway Bank and Lisa Killough, American Bank Westlake, Bankers

Clayton Rutter, Civil Engineer

Steve Sylliaasen, Civil Engineer

Leo Alba, Lot 9-A prior owner

Olive Huffman, Lots 3-7 prior owner

Greg Kahn, Austin Contractor

John King & Sons Co., Housemover, Zephyr, Texas

Melvin Coe, West Texas Contractor

Trey Mick, Austin Contractor

James Schneider, Site Work

Dane Hersey, Chief Painter

Richard Grandt, Kyle McAlonan & Shawn Dubiel, STG Architects

Gary Rische and Greg Copp, CPAs

Greg Guernsey, Lynda Courtney & Jay Baker, City of Austin Land Use Planning Staff

Lt. Scott Fiebig, Travis County ESD 3 – Fire

Curtis Wilson, West Travis County PUA

Michael Whellan + Matt Kutac, Land Use Attorneys

Abe, Alden & Luke Doss + Halen King, Railcar Restoration Team

Bert Dockall, Railcar Consultant

Jon Clark, Railcar Broker

Delbert Timmerman, Railcar Mover – 4 times, 10,000+ miles!

Larry Taylor + John Coombs, Austin Crane Service – Railcar Unloading

Derrick Lormand, Sanitary Engineer

Michael Scher, All Year Air HVAC Consultant

Raymond Mick & Fred Van Cura, Site Wranglers

Shawn Dane, Eclipse Landscaping

John Moschioni, Letterheads

Theresa Dringenberg, Vintage Sign Painter

John McCall, Rail Historian

Hol Wagner, Rail Historian

Robert J. Zenk, Rail Historian

Kevin Kuzma, Railcar Furnishings

Tom Henderson, "Silver Streak" Sign Repatriation!!

Jim Steely, Rail Historian

Thomas Koitzch, Brickwork

James McDowell, Deck Builder

Glenn Dial, Surveyor

Patrick Roques, Unsticker

Doyne Bailey, Workbench partner 

Caroline Deck, Webmaster

Nikolai Solow, Webmaster (2014 - 2016)

Donna Osborn, Understanding Wife!!